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Party, city, Cabramatta - all in one week!

I shall seriously attempt to summarise what has been happening in the last week or so in my very surprising life (surprising, because even I have no idea what is going to happen).

Last Saturday, I held a mini-party for some of my gal pals. Sorry to the majority who wasn’t invited – I was only allowed four, and I had five friends come, not including Cindy Green, who I didn’t actually know was coming.


Only five?  The reason was that it wasn’t actually MY party; it was my parents, but being me, I would rather party with friends then trying to display good manners and have forced conversations with adults.


So Christina, Sam, Grace, Cindy, Tien and Alice came over for a day of fun. And it was seriously fun. Apart from having a barbecue (the food was cooked by us of course), watching Christina try to hit on the “meat-pie man” (a baker who came first in NSW for his meat pies), and gobbling down pure Gelato cake, we spent time prank-calling people, chatting about recent gossip, painting nails (thanks Tien) and just having an overall heck of a time!


Then on Monday, my plans were initially to go to the beach, but when all my close friends (except the one and only truly awesome Anna) cancelled on me on SUNDAY NIGHT (soooo rude!), I changed plans and decided to hit the city with Anna.


Unfortunately, as I stood with Anna in a store, my phone went off and the voice on the other side of the phone said:

Him: “Viv – where are you! When are you getting here?”

Me: “Who is this?”

Him: “Roderick. I’m sitting at Bondi Beach all by myself and no one else is here. When are you getting down here?”

Me: “Um, I’m not coming…”

Him: “What do you mean you’re not coming? You ORGANISED all this!”

Me: “Yeah, I’m not coming anymore. OMG, are you seriously by yourself?”

Him: “Yeah”

Me: “Crap, oh crap. (Thinks)  Is this really Roderick?”

Him: “Nah, I was just joking. It’s Kevin Thay. You should have come. There’s other people here though, so don’t worry, haha.”


Kevin’s so mean.  =(    Made me stress so much, imagining a lonely boy sitting there all by himself.


City was alright. Had yum cha. Deliciooooouuuuuusssss!


However, my last minute decision to ditch the beach was honestly my WORST REGRET this year! I should have gone to the beach instead. Anna wanted to go, and it’s not everyday you get to go to the beach. I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t always rely on friends to be there for me (before you get me wrong, I don’t mean this cynically. I’m just merely saying that from now on, I do things for ME and ME only. And if you have an issue with me doing stuff without you, go screw yourself.)


On Thursday, I was at Cabramatta and I got THREE items of clothing for only $20! Good ole’ Cab!! I had such a wonderful time eating more yum cha in Cabramatta that I actually forgot to go to tutoring!  =(

Note: I was going to post up pictures from the party, but LJ makes it so damn hard for me. So check out beachyangel.blogspot.com instead.

Aww... they lost!

Yeh, the Parra Eels lost. I'm devastated.


Eels just HAVE to win today or I'll be totally and utterly devastated! I'll retreat to my room and refuse to talk to anyone. Haha, no I'm just kidding. But I really want them to win. I've been going for the Eels since year three when my teacher's husband was an assistant coach or something for the Eels and he made the whole class go for the Eels. Yep.

I want them to win so badly!

I swear, I'm out of money, cos I got bored today at Bankstown and had a THIRTY MINUTE conversation with Christina. Hopefully I won't totally run out of money. hehe

Oh god, the Storms look so U-G-L-Y next to the Eels. And no, I'm not biased in my judgment at all.

Informal excitement!

Ahhhhh! Informal's only less than 24 hours away! This is EXCITING!

Grace and Mary are coming over to my place tomorrow so we can spend the WHOLE DAY preparing for the informal! Fine... Half a day, but it's still going to be fun. I mean - it has to be when you put the coolest girls together! Haha, I'm joking.

But honestly though, I seriously CAn't Wait!

Can you guys?

Why oh why?

Yesterday, I was watching this film on TV called "Lewis". It's an English drama I think. Anyway, my mum told me to stop watching and go to sleep so that I can wake up later and be more alert while I'm studying. So I asked her to record it, but she said that she'll just watch it and tell me what happened later.

So when I woke up the first thing I did was ask my mum what happened. This is what happened:

Me: Mum, who killed them?
Mum: The maths tutor.
Me: Why?
Mum:Because he wanted to be the best at maths or something. You know, eliminating the competition.
Me: So how did that have anything to do with him killing the girl and the uncle then?
Mum: I got confused. They were talking too much and I lost the plot!
Me: Are you serious?
Mum: I didn't understand what was happening. It's a boring film anyway.

I tried researching the plot online just now, but considering the fact that it's not a very popular film, I couldn't find anything.

Depressed...  =(



I made another blog where I can "pour my thoughts and feeling out onto a page":beachyangel.blogspot.com

But this doesn't mean that I'm going to leave LJ. Nope, I'm still loyal.  It's just that you can upload pictures onto blogspot much more easier (and I love pictures).

So check - IT - OUT!

Until next time,



Hello? Hello? Sorry - what did you say?

Oh gosh! I should totally get my hearing checked! This is what happened yesterday at James Meenan High School - the school of PROFESSIONAL volleyballers!

James Meenan guy: Has your team ever beat James Meenan?
Me (hearing "Has your team ever been to James Meenan): YES! Every week!
Guy: Wow, our school sucks!

Oh gosh.... embarrassing much?

Today Mr Peck put on Laura's jumper and sat in biology, pretending to be a student. He lasted five minutes before Mr Schippers caught him out!

Let's paaaaaaarrtay!

Finally, here's an update. I have not posted for a crazy long time!

Saturday... I attended a birthday party. It was quite awesome considering there was a large jumping castle and the catering was extremely professional. And by professional, I'm talking about folded napkins, china bowls and plates, lovely food (apparently I missed out on some delicious meals because Trish and I were too busy being anywhere else other than at the tables).

On the jumping castle, I accidently knocked over this little kid, and Immediately offerred my hand, saying "Grab my hand, I'll help you up" and his slighter older brother, who was around five years old, interferred and said in a defensive tone "He's MY brother".  I replied "Gosh, I was just about to help him up, no need to get aggressive!"

Then Trish tried to climb onto the top of the jumping castle, but was pulled down but the slightly older kid. Would you believe it, the kid then asks Trish to help him climb to the top. She replied without thinking "You're too heavy!", only to receive much laughter from the rest of us!

As for today, there was a school talent quest! I loved Phil's solo dance the most! I hope it wins!

About the informal - I have nearly everything. I just need to buy some flats to bring along just in case my experience with heels on a cruise turns out to be as unpleasant as the teachers are making it seem.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Held a "Cupcake Day" at school today to fundraise for the RSPCA. We made a profit of $335, which I must say is quite impressive! Thanks to all those extra people who helped out. Oh, and I must say, working (or more like eating on the job) with Natalie is quite fun! Her cuteness makes me laugh.

On another note, I found these Prada pumps in my house the other day, and now I'm in love with it. There's still a price sticker on the bottom of it, and it says $1500US! So I begged my mum for it, and she said no!  =(    However, she did say I could borrow it, so I'm parading around the house in these gorgeous heels!